The purchase and sale of a property is an important decision, so in IMMOVILLA we will accompany you from start to finish so that you can make the best purchase, and under the best conditions supervising all legal aspects. Throughout the transaction we will take care of you and advise you at legal, registry and tax levels at no cost to you. In addition, if you wish you can hire the services of our lawyers for your maximum peace and support.



We have the collaboration of a team of architects and technical architects who together with the real estate experts of IMMOVILLA, we obtain totally realistic and adjusted to the current market.

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is a report in which an independent expert (appraiser) reflects relevant aspects of a property, among others, its value.

The usual work of the appraiser consists of a visit to the building, the taking of photographs, drawing up of the plan, the verification of the registration and cadastral documentation, etc. And from all these data, together with the value of the property, the appraisal report is drawn up, which incorporates all these data.



From June 1, 2013 every building that is built, sold or leased in Spain must have a "Certificate of Energy Efficiency", being necessary even the display of the result of said energy rating in any advertisement of sale or rental of the property; Something that is already natural in other European Union countries like France and Italy.

This certificate, which will be valid for ten years, is a document that will describe how effective that building is in terms of energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

The properties will be listed with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G (efficiency label Energy) according to the result of the certification, being given the letter A (the maximum qualification) to those buildings that consume less energy. The letter G (the minimum qualification) will be granted to buildings that consume much more energy. By means of this certificate, it is intended to show in order to favor the promotion of buildings with high energy efficiency.

All the buildings that are managed by IMMOVILLA ROSES will have at their disposal the Energy Efficiency certificate, prepared by professionals (architects and technical architects) who are part of our team.



Thanks to the collaboration of different companies and professionals we are able to offer a comprehensive service of property maintenance. We will value your needs and we will make a budget to your measure.. 


- masonry, plumbing and electricity works

- exterior and interior painting

- safekeeping of keys (your home will be well maintained and airy while you are not in it.

- hibernation of properties.

- opening of summer season.

- Housekeeping


- Maintenance of gardens: phytosanitary, laying of artificial turf, pruning, ... We work with the best professionals in the area. Request a quote without commitment..  


- Maintenance of swimming pools


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